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May 18th, 2003 ~ September 15th, 2007

I am deeply saddenned today to be returning to this special page for our beautiful lost dane companions. Bloat, torsion and a weekened heart took Diesel from us late last night. As he layed on the surgical table with his mommy's hand pressed firmly on his  chest.....His heart stopped beating.....And he was gone. Diesel was a one of a kind dane who placed large smiles on the faces of anyone who layed on eyes on him. He was a majestic dane who turned heads where ever he went. Children LOVED him......He beamed kindness and was always very welcoming to everyone he greeted. No one will ever forget the way Diesel fluffed his bed before laying down to rest. He was a fantastic companion to all who knew him, but most of all to the one who loved him most.....Jennifer Cyr.....Diesels Mom......

Diesel was unlike any other Great Dane.... and was extremely lucky to have Jen for four and a half years.....

"Diesel, I hope you know how much your mommy misses you. You are no longer in pain and can be as playful as you were when you were a pup.....And with any luck you've already found Kelso and the two of you are running through grassy fields in the mountains without a care in the world...."

We love you......


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