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Everyone would ask why we named a girl dog "Isaac." We didn't really have a good reason other than it fit her. She was the greatest dog my wife and I have ever known. She had the Great Dane temperament, yet she was a small dog. She weighed 120 lbs. at 8 years old.

We always said that she would rather slit her wrists than to do anything wrong. She spent her short life trying to please everyone around her. We miss her. Oh my god, do we miss her.

On the 4th or July 2007 we were by the lake watching fireworks when she took off running. She has never not come home.

The next morning I found her about a quarter mile from our home on the side of the road. I wish so much that I could go back and hold her collar. We were always careful with her. But, we blinked and lost our best friend. I never knew I could hurt like this over a pet.

We miss you, Isaac. 
Ron and Kara Lafleur
Sherrills Ford, NC


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