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December 17th, 2006 - May 31st, 2007

He was with us only for 3 months and he won our hearts completely. He was playing and happy one day and gone the next. We took him in for surgery to be neutured and they had just given him a sedative to relax him and started his IV and they lost him...they were able to bring him back for a few minutes and then lost him again. The autopsy showed that his Liver ruptured and it took him quickly. 

I am so devastated and I feel responsible, although I know it was out of my control. The vet says he has never seen anything like it...the only conclusion is he must of had a birth defect with his liver and it appeared as if it had been leaking before the rupture. I just couldn't understand why it happened there and there were no signs at all. The doctor said it was just a tragedy and I would've lost him either way. whether it was then or later, he couldn't have been saved. 

I can't stop crying...he was so beautiful and sweet and was so excited to go that morning and now he's gone...and I miss him so much and I just don't understand. 

Please keep us in your prayers and I will see you at the bridge my love...I love you!!



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