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O2-9-06 to 12-9-06

Lilly, I remember that day that I took you to the dog
park. You loved the dog park so much, I never knew
it would be your last trip there. You collapsed and
cried, I ran to you along with some strangers to
check on you. The vet said it was your heart and I had no way of knowing. You know I was never a dog person until I met you.... I miss you so much. 

I have a new puppy now, she has helped mend my
heart, but she will never be you Lilly. Sometimes she
likes to do some of the same naughty things that
you liked to do, like digging at the sofa and chewing
up my clothes hangers. You really taught me how to
love and how to love life. 

I can't wait to see you again. I miss you!


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