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The first time I saw her she was gangly and clumsy. Her feet were too big for her body and they controlled everything she tried to do. Every time she tried to walk, she got ahead of herself and if she tried to run, she tumbled and fell. 

Her head seemed so small as her ears seemed to overpower her. I wondered if someone else might name her Dumbo. Her eyes however, were a striking grey blue color that captivated me, and they reflected both curiosity and fear. 

As she got older and her body eventually caught up to her feet and her ears, and those blue eyes turned brown. The curiosity and fear they once reflected turned into a soft love and quiet steel-eyed devotion.

She learned to run with a graceful gate and seemed to never tire. When we walked together, she would run ahead with the curiosity of a noble explorer, then like a frightened child, run back to my side because the world was still too big for her. 

She became a fixture in my life. Sleeping with me at night, guarding what was ours during the day, and greeting me with unmatched enthusiasm in the evening. She played without tiring, she laughed without speaking, she danced without music, she loved without conditions, and she left a mark on the hearts of everyone she touched.

She aged gracefully and maintained her lady-like stature while never loosing her puppydom. Her mind was always sharp, but after eleven years, her body began to betray her. I had to love her enough to
look into those eyes and understand that love
sometimes means making the hard decisions. My sincere gratitude to Dr. Khan for coming to the house and lying on the floor next to Quinn and helping us say goodbye to our dear and noble friend.

We will continue to love her everyday and look forward to someday watching her laugh, making her dance, scratching her ears, and feeling her kisses. 

Robin and Pati Corley - Fresno, CA


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