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(June/8/06 (date of adoption) - March 30 2007)

Sasha (about 6 years old) and her best friend Bella
(the tiny black one) came to us from the SPCA in
June 2006. The two of them filled the void that was
left when "Kobe" crossed the Rainbow Bridge (in May
2006) to play with all the other Danes and Nikki.
She was diagnosed with Addison's disease after
being spayed.

Sasha, you where such a wonderful loving dog. You
filled the house with lots of love. Even though you
where with us for only 9 months, we gave you the
best life you ever had, and ours was much better
having you in our lives. 

Rest easy "fat dog" knowing that we will not have to
worry about your Addison's any longer. You will live
forever in our hearts, souls and memories.

Sadly Missed and Loved by

Sheila, John, Jeff, Carrie and Bella


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