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"WWF Tagteam Kane" 
April 26, 2001 - March 3rd, 2007

A true giant, with the most giant heart who left us so suddenly Saturday night. When I came home from work and saw you sleeping eternally in your crate so peacefully. I hauled your 170lbs body all by myself over the fence and through the snow, into my van and made our last drive together with our pit bull laying with you, to get you to the university so you would be in a dignified place while you rested eternally. It took 3 vet techs and myself to get you out of my van. They do not know how I got you in there. I know how I did. It was you my boy. I love you and I wanted you somewhere you belonged when you passed. Home was not it. 

Elektra, my pit bull laid by your body for 2 hours with her head on you. Poison, your son, lay still and quiet and Justice the Boston Great Dane, your mate for the last 4 years, the one you had pups with, who had been in heat at the time of your passing, was as still as could be. I am sorry I did not let you and her have pups this time. It was just not right to do so and I am so very sorry. I know how awfully anxious it was for you to have Justice in heat. 

You would not eat, or hardly drink and you paced back and forth and it was so hard for you. I am so awfully sorry my baby. We all saw your body quiet and still. As I write this, I think of you, momma's big boy. I think of how you have looked after me for 6 years. You are my sugar Kane. You are the reason I am here. And you are gone. You gave me a son and I thank you for that. You knew it was your time to go and you knew I would be taken care of once again through the eyes of your boy. You knew us girls would be fine without you. Even though right now, I don't feel right. I do not think I ever will. I don't think losing you will ever really make sense to me being that you were my first Great Dane, my first everything. Everything we went through was our firsts together. I learned through you. And you were patient with me and let me make mistakes. 

Oh how I love you my baby boy. My snuggle bug. My sugar Kane. Rest easy now, stay strong, be with your kids at the bridge, watch over your momma from above and guard me from there. I love you so very much.



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