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Our Beloved Raven passed on January 10, 2007. Just four weeks shy of her 3rd Birthday. Raven was diagnosed with Liver disease on Dec. 29th, 2006. The day after Christmas we noticed that Raven's stomach was very large. For fear it might be bloat, we took her to the vet. It turned out she had fluid just floating inside her. 

They ran some blood tests, which came back to show she had liver disease. They went in to biopsy her liver, and had to drain 5 liters of fluid. When the results came back, the vet said it was still too soon to tell if it was fatal. So he started her on some meds. She seemed to be getting better with the meds, but after a few days, the fluid started building up again. On the 9th Raven was really sick. She didn't even greet Daddy at the door when he got home from work, something which she had NEVER done! Throughout the evening she got worse so we called the on-call vet, and decided to take her in to see if there was anything he could do. When we got to the hospital, the Dr. Could barely find a pulse there was so much fluid build up again. He said that fluid had gone into her chest and caused heart failure. He said possibly, he could drain the fluid again and start iv's to stabalize her, but that we would be back in a few days with the same problem. She was already half way gone. So we decided to let her go. 

Raven has taught us so much in life.. as our "1st baby" as a married couple she taught us trust, patience, loyalty, love, and she brought us so much laughter! Rest in Peace our Sweet Ravey-Tavey!!! Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge know that you are missed greatly and loved deeply!!! 

Forever Loved and never forgotten...
Your Mommy and Daddy, and brother AJ 


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