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"Lola (AKA Bean)"
February 10, 2006 - November 23, 2006

This is our daughter, Lola (nicknamed Bean). We purchased her from a pet store in Manchester NH. Normally I wouldn't buy a pet from a store but the second I saw her I loved her and I couldn't leave her in that little cage. 

She had been a very ill puppy since the first day we brought her home. She fought back from pneumonia and parasites when she was just ten weeks old. Then it was illness after illness ending on November 23 2006. She passed away from a heart attack during Thanksgiving dinner. She was 9 months old. 

Even though she was only with us for 7 months the love and the memories she gave us will last forever. Every day she was doing something funny to make us laugh and every day I had her was a happy day. I wish we could of had years together. She was more than our best friend, she was our daughter, and our hearts will remain broken forever.

We Miss You So Much, B!


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