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9/25/00 - 12/18/06

In loving memory of my little boy Grover

It's taken me some time to write this because there just aren't the words to describe the love Grover brought to my life or the emptiness I now feel without him. 

Grover was my first little boy. He was so many things to me; my best friend, my protector, my shoulder to cry on, and my pillow at night. He was always the sunshine of everyday and the brightest star in every night. He brought love and gave love to everyone. People were drawn to him and not because of his size, but because of his sense of calm and peaceful demeanor. Everyone who ever met him adored him and was amazed by his friendly and loving ways. Every "walk around the block" turned into a 2 hour adventure because he made friends where ever he went.

Unfortunately, Grover died in my arms a week before Christmas. Cancer may have taken him from me but he will forever remain in my heart. I know he still watches over me and walks beside me. The attached photo was this years Christmas card. It read:

May an Angels wings wrap tight around your heart
Protect, strengthen, give courage and loving care impart
As high as Angels wings fly may your spirits soar
Beaming love, peace and joy ever more

Grover was and always will be my angel.


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