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June 21st,2000 - Dec.21st 2006

I would like to tell every one about my best girl, Lucky, as long as I can do this with out crying I will tell you all about her.... Lucky as we called her. When I first met her I had no intentions of going home with a dog that day, I was only going to see three Great Dane puppies... I only had 200 to start with and no way I could get a Dane for that right?!..well in September of 2000 my mom passed away (adopted mom) afterwards I had asked my dad if I could get a dog of my own and I wanted a big dog...not just any dog. well after looking through shelters, classifieds for pure breds and free mutts, nothing seemed to catch my heart...we drove out to see these three pups, all females. they were all so cute but after seeing them and playing with them meeting the parents....still I was unsure...then all the sudden when I'm sitting in the grass with the pups one disappeared and I didn't know where she went, next thing I knew she came up from behind me and stood with both paws up on my shoulder and put her nose in my ear... she was my friend I was looking long and hard for, then i was talking to the breeder and told her I only had two hundred right then she made arrangement that I would pay 200 a month and so we took her home that day...I had to have the kennel name in her name some were but that was ok... I ended up naming her Angyl of Goodluck.. we called her Lucky though... she was a character that was for sure.... when I had my bad days with my depression and thought things I shouldn't she was there to remind me I was loved... there was a time I thought I would have to give her up when I lost my job but I found out then she had the most severe case of separation anxiety I've ever seen... and so I made sure if nothing else she would be taken care of.... there was a time I stayed in my car I lived in my car for a week and she was right there with me...I tried to keep her at a friends house but she got loose and started to travel ten miles to were she knew I was... she was there when times were hard she made them better, I will miss her so much I needed her so much if it weren't for her I might not be here today, at lest if I don't have her I have her son bugzzie and he tries to keep me smiling through these time... and he knows his momma is gone... we let him out to say goodbye before we took her out to bury her... he went over to her and laid down beside her and put his head on her shoulder...I will hurt for a long time missing her but I will always know she is watching over me and our family..." Lucky you were my Angyl and I will always keep you in my heart" I love and miss you ... 6 and a half years she was my only true friend and the one there for me when i needed someone to talk to... she found me a husband and guaurded our horses. She was loyal and smart and all thing thing she would do that she shouldn't have known how to do. she was attached to me as I was her. My heart might be broken but her wings are pure and she is now free.. I Love you Lucky...


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