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A loved one is never truly gone until they are forgotten, live in the hearts of those left behind is to live forever!




You came into our lives and stole our hearts. You were the best
dog anyone could ever ask for! You made us smile you made us
cry you made us laugh....

You were one in a million, no other dog could ever take your
place. We will never forget the great times we had with you,
helping you cross the creek because you were afraid of the water
(even though you were the biggest dog in town)-moving the chair
because you wouldn't walk in between tight spaces- having to
hold the "ozzie" towel after you got done drinking because you
made a mess!!! No matter what it was you always seemed to put
a smile on our faces. 

We will never forget you, you will always have a special spot in
our hearts...forever!!!

R.I.P Buddy...We love you!

Love Your Family,


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