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A loved one is never truly gone until they are forgotten, live in the hearts of those left behind is to live forever!



"Reann’s Flaming Spirit"


He left as he lived...In peace without great fuss…
Some say eternal life is achieved when one leaves such wonderfully sweet memories.
With all those who were lucky enough to cross his earthly path and share a moment in time.
With such an exceptional life companion, that his memory remains and he stays forever in the minds of all those he leaves behind.
FLAME, if such is the case, you will leave forever in the minds and in the hearts of all who knew you a most wonderful glimpse of eternity…

Go my son, go since it is time for you to leave.

Go on the road that takes you to your sister MISTY. She is waiting for you and has paved the way for both of you, the path that will take you both toward endless green pastures and eternal snow.
Where both of you will run and play without any pains, without a worry in the world…

Go but don't ever forget those you leave behind who loved you and will love you forever…

Go my son and don't worry you will never be alone since we will always be there to watch over you…

Mom, Dad, VooDoo, Mandrax Charlotte and all from the Great-Dane club of Quebec.


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