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(Coco, Coco-puff, Snow-Cone)

Chloe, you came in to our lives in Easter of 2002 from the Great Dane Rescue. You were 4 1/2 and had been to 4 different homes in 3 years. The minute mommy and I saw you, we knew that you belonged with us. Especially when you sat on Daddy's feet and looked up and your tail thumped on the floor like it would for the next 4 years every time you knew we were looking at you. When you came home with us, you met your new sister Daisy, who is Dane/Lab cross. Although Daisy did not really like you the first couple of days, it did not take long for both of you to mother each other and snuggle on the bed together. 

You were always happy to follow mommy around the house and "herd" us when we were out on walks at the dog park. You had a way of casting a spell on anyone who looked at you...they could not take their eyes off of you. And when they asked us if they could pet you, you would proudly walk close enough so they could almost reach you, but not pet you. It was as if you were saving all of the petting for Mommy and Daddy. You always surprised us with a mannerism from your past, such as your fondness for Wendy's Junior bacon cheese burgers, Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza, and Chianti's caeser salad. Mommy and I knew that these were not good for you although you tried to convince us anytime you sensed these were in the house that they were okay. You had a tough time with Irritable Bowel syndrome in 2003. It took us a few weeks until we found a dog food you liked, and was good for you. This started our habit of holding your bowl of dog food for you to eat from of which we still did even until last Saturday night.

You amazed us with how much you enjoyed swimming in the Bow River, and Shuswap lake. You were always very happy, and barky to see mom and dad come home. You and Daisy always seemed to manage your way on to the bed or couch, but showed little evidence. You were truly a gentle giant. You were content to eat dinner and go to bed everyday soon after. You welcomed our little baby girl Riley into our family in December, and always took the time to sniff her to make sure we did in fact bring her home again after we went out.

We just spent a week out in BC at Shuswap lake. We came home on Friday and you were not feeling well early Sunday morning. We did not want you to be alone, and did not think you would be able to get better. As when you came in to our lives, we wanted to both be with you when you left. It was at 7:00 am on Sunday, July 23, 2006 that Mommy and Daddy held you close while you went into heaven. Don't be afraid Coco, you can swim all day long and eat all the cheese burgers you like. There are lots of comfy beds for you to rest on sweet-pea. 

Mommy and Daddy and Daisy miss you so much. When you first came home, all we wanted was to provide you with a loving home. We had no idea how much love, affection and companionship you would give us. We only wish you were in our lives sooner. Can't wait to see you again and hear your tail thump on the ground when you see us.

Love Mommy and Daddy.


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