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9/1/05 - 6/7/06

The awful time when you had to go came and went. Today you are no longer here. I have missed you every hour since. I miss your unconditional love, your innocence, your everyday happiness, your joy and energy for life. I feel I did not appreciate you near as much as I should have when you were here, and now that you are gone I have deep regrets. I suppose that is one of my many flaws. I tend to take things for granted until they are gone, naturally you didn't have that flaw. 

I would have done many things differently if I had another chance to be with you. I am not ashamed to say I have shed many, many tears for you. I have grieved you and cried for you with the intensity that you deserve. I pray for you everyday. My sweet, innocent baby, it hurts me so much that you had to endure pain and suffering. It hurts me so much that you were only with me for a few short months. It tears me apart that I couldn't do absolutely anything to stop you from leaving, no matter how hard I tried. What hurts the most is that I know you didn't want to go either, and I know you tried your hardest to stay. It just wasn't up to you, or me, or anyone else for that matter. It hurts that life wasn't fair to you and that nature picked you for no apparent reason. 

Why God? Why my dear baby? Someday I'll know the answer to that question. In the meantime, I'll wait patiently knowing that you are in a better place. You have no worries to deal with anymore and that brings peace to my saddened heart. I will keep your memory with me; it will never leave my side. I will engrave the time that you were in my life in the deepest part of my heart. I will never forget so that one day you and I can pick up where we left off. These words are for you my love, my beautiful, innocent, sweet, and unforgettable puppy. These words are for you, Singer. 

My Singer.

Not a day goes by without memories of you. My precious puppy, you came into my life and awakened my heart. We had such a strong bond. Of course, you had your moments but none of us are perfect. You made me laugh, gave me comfort, and gave me lots of bruises, you clumsy girl. You were so precious and innocent. You became apart of the family instantly. The laughter and love you gave to me and everyone is priceless. 

We rescued a brindle boy that I wish you could have met. You would have been great friends. You were everybody's friend! Even the vet and his staff said what a wonderful patient you were. You weighed around 105 pounds and never once did more than one person have to handle you while you were there. They loved your happy spirit. You were so brave, my sweet girl. Even though you were so sick you were brave and happy. We never gave up on you. 

When we finally saw that you just couldn't go on, we sent you back to God. I am gratelful for every moment I had with you. It comforts me that my face was the last thing you saw even though it hurt so bad to let you go. I miss your beautiful floppy ears, your innocent face, your huge paws, and your goofiness. I have a lifetime of memories of you. I only wish that we could have had you longer than 7 months. You are in my heart always. 

I love you, I miss you, I'll be seeing you. Wait for me at bridge.

Your Mommy


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