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"Belle and Wyatt"

Belle is my first Dane. She was 3 years and one month old when she developed bloat. We had to make the painful decision on 6-13-06. In the morning she was fine, around noon she started showing symptoms, we rushed her to the vet and by 3:30, we had to make the decision to put her to rest. 

To make things harder, I had just put down a dob/rot on 5-27-06 due to liver cancer. She was 11 years old and had lived a good life. Belle’s life was good, she was loved, and respected, it was just too tragically short. Debbie and I and many others will miss her deeply and forever.

We will miss her growling noises when she played, miss her leaning, miss her wanting us to play with her rope, miss her sloppy drinking habits and the “puppy dance” she did when she was little and it was time to eat. We will miss everything about her. I guess she went early and so quickly after Wyatt because she new Wyatt wanted her for company. 

I’ll see ya in a while Belle. Don’t bury the rope.


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