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Nov. 11, 2004-July 10, 2005

You were only 8 months old, and I had the opportunity to have you and love you for only 5 1/2 months. You were a real celebrity in the neighborhood, pet store, and doggie park. Seeing you at the front door wagging your tail was my joy, seeing you first thing in the morning was my joy, playing catch with you was my joy,
watching you play with my niece and nephew was my joy. 

You will always be "Mama's little baby!" I will never forget your eyes, your kisses, and the bond we shared. We will be together again, and I hope you passed peacefully in your sleep.

Please continue to watch over me and your dad and we
will see you at Rainbow Bridge.

Love you,
Mommy and Daddy
Sharla & Elie


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