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Pappy Jack's Summer's Dream CD CGC

(June 13, 1993 - December 06, 2001)

My best friend, Donna's beautiful dane that brought us to be best 
friends was laid to rest December 06th, 2001. Bella will always be 
remembered and cherished because of her many special ways. Tonight 
as I was privledged to stay with Bella for a few last good bye's. 
I kissed her and told her how special she was and to kiss her mama 
"Morgon" for me when she sees her. I'll love you forever Bella.

"Bella" was loved & cherished by Donna & Michael Molohon, Mathis, 
TX. Bella served as the local demonstation obedience dog at Petsmart 
in Corpus Christ, TX for 5 1/2 years. She wore an employee's i.d. 
tag. She also held an obedience CD title and a Canine Good Citizen 
(CGC) and participated in Agility. She helped hundreds of people 
overcome their fear of big dogs being the very gentle soul she was. 
She loved strollers & children. She recently retired from Petsmart 
and was 8 this past June 13, 

Dagmar Great Danes
and American Canine Exhibitor


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