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Zeke came to live with me in April 2003 from a shelter when his time was up. I was his foster momma for our Dane club here in Wisconsin.

Zeke was born around Valentines day in 2001 from what I could figure out and he stole my heart as soon as I met him. Zeke was full of life, loved going for walks (had to mark every tree) and car rides (was a very good passenger) and playing with his toys (especially tug) and ate every meal with gusto.

Unfortunately Zeke had a few bite incidents and I had to put him down, but still feel he will always be here watching over us.

My dearest Zeke-You are my heart and soul - I will always love you and never forget you- with all my love, your momma. Zena misses you too. 

P.S. You were a great dog.


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