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We adopted Nikki from the Great Dane Rescue of South Florida in January 2005. The day we picked her up she was covered in hundreds of ticks. Although she was fine for quite some time, in September she began to have a rash in her ears which spread.

We came to find out that Nikki had Ehrlichiosis. We treated her and she appeared to recover however one week later she seemed to relapse and this time it was much worse.

The Sunday evening before Hurricane Wilma hit us, we rushed Nikki to our vet. After 2 blood transfusions and all the love of the staff at Hollywood Animal Hospital, it was becoming obvious our baby girl would not recover. On Thursday morning October 27, 2005, at 4:15 am Nikki succumbed to the Ehrlichiosis. We exhausted every means possible medically, emotionally and financially to try and save her. Her body began to give up. The vet called us crying and we rushed to there to kiss her goodbye. 

All the staff in the hospital shared in our pain because she was one of the most amazing dogs I've ever had the pleasure of having in my family.

RIP miss Nikki. you will be missed, by me, Tony and especially you're brother Dutch.

More of Miss Nikki can be seen here:



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