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"Mu and Diesel"

This is the story of Mu (pronounced Moo) and Diesel.

Our story is sad. We got our puppies from a breeder. She turned out to be a dwarf and had problems with her front legs and then her back. We decided to try surgery on the front legs to see if we could give her a good quality of life. While we were at the orthopedist office we found out that her brother a litter mate was also a dwarf and having similar problems. So the now the four of us fought together to keep our baby’s happy and trying to get them to walk. We tried for three months with surgery, therapy and lots of love. But in the end the problems were too great and we had to let them go. 

We will miss them and love them so much!! So much kisses and love to Mu and Diesel and we hope that they are running in the park together and feeling no pain as we could not manage to heal them ourselves.

Denice, Shawn & Brandyne, Corey


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