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(-Jessie- January 1993 July 2005)

I remember very well, when you first came into my life. You were so
beaten, so skinny and appearing like you were ready to die. The abuse and burn scars on your nose and back, the sadness in your eyes and all the health problems you had, and had overcome.

You had no idea or knowledge of what a truly loving home was until they (Minnesota Homeward Bound) came along, and placed you with me. You became very much alive, no longer broken. You loved everyone and were so noble and gentle. You loved everyone big and small, you played and lived freely and became more sure of yourself daily. But you had the pain and memories of your first two years of life so deeply imbedded, that not even I could remove the hurt and fear your first owner placed on you as a puppy

You left me at 11:45 am Sunday July 10th 2005 to move on to even a better home, a home forever in Heaven. We (myself and all your friends) will always carry a part of you in our hearts.

Giving you a second chance at life was hard, but it was so rewarding.
Thank you very, very much for loving me. As much as I loved you. Now, go run and play with all your new friends in Heaven.

I loved you so -----

I am not quite sure what happened or why? You were almost 13 years old, and you knew it was time to move on. But I, just wasn't ready, to loose the best friend I ever had. Part of you will always be with me. 

Jess-z, I will miss you deeply.

Love Mike


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