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Born November 23, 2003 -

Today July 13, 2005 I had to let my baby go. I don't think any choice 
I've made thus far has been harder than this one. Obe was limping again on his left leg, and although there was nothing broken the bone was deteriorating all too fast and I chose to let him go while he was still able to walk somewhat without any major pain and remembered having fun, not being depressed because he had to sit by and watch through the pain.

I'm sorry my boy, that I couldn't find the magic to snap my fingers or 
wave a wand and make your legs perfect and give you the long life you so deserved. You will live on in my heart forever and ever and I will come and find you over that bridge someday where we can go for endless walks and snuggle and play as much as you want forever. I love you so so very much and I will think of you often and miss you always.

Thank you to everyone for all your support and prayers when Obe was so sick. It definitely helped him live a better life - he would not have made it this long without them.



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