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My name is Annie. I know I already sent a picture, but I was scared it got lost in cyber mail. I so want to make sure that this picture of a very special Dane is posted. It would mean so much to my mother, who's life 'was' this most incredible Dane and who is still missing her very much. 

Her name was sable and she was so unlike any dog she knew. When her mother needed her love and kindness, Sable was always there to care for my mother when she got ill. She will always remain in all our lives and hearts. We'd like to think that she is now resting with the angels.

Thank you sable for giving us all the love and passion that goes with a Dane. She gave my mother 6 and a half incredible years. This will be a place to keep her forever living. There is so much to say about sable. She will always be close at heart. 

Joanne's daughter



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