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My Sweet Hershel, 

Hershel, The hardest thing I ever had to do was let you go on Nov. 19th, 2001. You could no longer walk & your body was giving out. I was lucky to have had you for almost 11 years. 

It's never easy to say goodbye to such a loyal & trusting friend. I held you while the angels came for you. I felt GOD's comforting arms around me, letting me know that you would be taken care of. I know you are happy, running with your daddy, Stetson, and your brother, Jetson.

Our house has a big empty place with no Danes in it now. I still get tear thinking of you beautiful boys. You sure put the GREAT in Dane!!

Hershey, even though you were deaf, and you had limited vision, that didn't stop you from finding me on our several acres of woods. Your nose was amazing! Your nose would lead you to me, no matter where I would be.  I remember the "Hershel warnings!", when you would get all excited & bite us too hard in play & we would run from you .... you were just sooo excited & you'd chase us & we'd warn everyone... "Hershel warning!!" You had such a gentle nature about you & there will never be another "Hershey Bar."

I miss you so much, Hershey, my Mr.Special. I will see you, Stetson & Jetson, again someday & it will be forever! 
Thank you for all you gave me. 

I love you, Hershel. Mommy Lynne



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