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This was our 1 year old Brindle male, Mason. 

Sadly, on Feb 20/05, we had to put Mason down because of multiple seizures in a very short time period. 

We had Mason for only 10 weeks of his life, as we had rescued him. But those 10 weeks were full of joy, laughter, fun and most importantly, LOVE. Our boy gave us so much love, and brightened a dreary winter day with his sunny personality. He had his first Christmas and first birthday in our home. 

Mason, Mommy and Daddy miss you so much....the house feels so big and so empty without you in it. Coming home from work is not fun anymore. We miss the sound of your tail banging against the walls, we miss your kisses, we miss you sitting on the couch beside us and laying across both our laps to get double the love and attention....we miss YOU and our hearts are aching so. We were blessed and privileged to share life with you, albeit for a short time.

Such an impact you made on our lives and our hearts, memories of how you made us laugh and smile will help us deal with the emptiness. You were our first Gentle Giant, but definitely not our last. 

With never-ending love to a wonderful, sweet, kind
boy.....................Mommy and Daddy (Lyn and Rick)


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