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1997-2005 "Big Dog - Off Duty"

Cletus was only 7 when we lost him to cancer. Two years before we took a malignant growth off of his nose. About 6 months ago we took two malignant growths from his thighs. Then shortly before Christmas, his spleen ruptured from cancer. He did wonderful through the surgery and recovered completly. 

We had three more weeks together of car rides in the country, sleeping by a warm fireplace, playing with his mom and new friend we bought so he could teach her the ropes before he or his mom went to the Rainbow Bridge. We thought his mom would go first but we had to let him go first. 

My vet (who also was my boss for 20 years) came to the house and put him down while I held his head in my arms which was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I have lost a lot of animals but never have I felt the loss like this. Cletus was 202# of heart and soul and he is sadly missed ,as I write this through the tears. 

We love you Petie Clete. You were the best friend anyone could ever have.


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