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A loved one is never truly gone until they are forgotten, live in the hearts of those left behind is to live forever!




(2/25/03 - 1/04/05)

Our most precious fur baby left us 1.30am, due to cancer a week after surgery. Blanca, you were so graceful gentle and loving. How you loved taking care of kittys and children. I want to thank you for giving us the time here as an angel with a tail. You blessed us with your love and licks your dignity and taught us what unconditional love was about. A part of me left with you that morning only to come home and find the cat we rescued gave birth to 7 kittens. Blanca, this morning I stepped out and saw a single yellow rose. 

My love wait for me at the bridge for when it comes time I'll fear not for heaven will be with you.

I love you dearly,


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