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9/12/03 - 7/12/04 

I have never felt the kind of love I had for my Dozer boy. He touched me in a way that no other human or animal has before. He loved me unconditionally. No matter how hard my day was, when it was dark and quiet and only me and him life was the way it was suppose to be. Everything was right. 

I am not sure that I will ever be the way I was before he came into my life. I do not want to be. Everyday my heart aches for you. I don't know how to move on without you. You will forever be a part of me. I will never forget you my sweet Dozer. 

I know that you are in a good place now. Free to run and play. I know that you would not want to see me this way. And for you I am trying to be brave. But when it is dark and quiet, it is way too empty without you by my side. I wish I could have only one more day with you. If I could only pull on your big lips one more time or stare into your eyes that were more human than animal.

You will be forever missed. Until the day comes that we meet again, I love you! 

Brent, Lynn, Robert, Riley and Durango 


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