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"Uptown - Downtown's Cookies and Cream"
5/12/1996 - 6/6/2004

On June 6th I lost my 4 legged baby girl. She wasn't feeling good so we rushed her to the emergency vet office, of course this was on a weekend. Her temp. was a little high and her pulse a little low. They wanted to put her through a bunch of tests, but when the Dr. on call said he felt a number of masses in her body, I knew it was time. Yes, I could have put her through all the testing and future medical procedures, but that would have been for me and not her. I loved her too much to make her suffer. She had jus turned 8 on May 12th. 

Cookie will be missed by many...she was very loved and pampered. Thank you for keeping her for so long as your cover girl on DOL. 

Pamela Chundrlek...


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