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"National Champion ABW Infiniti & Beyond"

To my beloved "National Champion ABW Infiniti & Beyond"; daughter of International & AM Champion Sophie Lour Ren & International Champion Kondor Liberti. Infiniti, herself had just a month ago, become a "National Puppy Champion", with a very promising future not only as my show dog, but also as my beloved pet. 

Two weeks ago, I had brought 3 puppies (owned by another breeder), that needed care to my house...they were very sickly, the breeder had moved and not able to bring them to his house. I brought the pups to my house and then to my vet immediately. A few days later they tested positive for parvo. What started out as a gesture of "help" for someone else and his puppies, has quickly turned in a tragedy, for all concerned. As a note: all my dogs were current on their pavo shots...this is not a guarantee against the disease. 

Infiniti's loss has been devastating to not only me personally but also to the future of ABW's breeding program.... Infiniti was 10 years in the planning....Now, her beautiful brother "Hummer", is fighting with this horrible disease....please keep him in your prayer today.

ABW, Owner 


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