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Our Litterbox lists all of Tomorrow's Stars - new Great Dane Puppies that will be spreading love and cuteness in the world!

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Great Dane puppies should all be friendly and sociable. Avoid puppies and litters that exhibit fear of, and timidness of the breeder or yourself. Prospective buyers should also be sure to avoid older pups that have been left in pack situations for too long, as they may be less susceptible to training as younger pups. This is a good tip to know if you’re planning to show, or train your new pup.

Make a loud or abrupt noise when meeting a litter of pups for the first time. They should immediately stop, then curiously investigate the source of the noise. If they scatter and hide, avoid the litter.

Take special care to avoid Great Dane puppies advertised by their breeders as having “rare” or “Euro” colour markings. Most genetic defects don’t show themselves until about 2-years of age, but any unusual movements that aren’t considered typical puppy awkwardness can spell trouble for giant breeds.

Finally, puppies should be given every opportunity to grow at a slow, steady rate to avoid potential complications like bowing legs, and painful metacarpals in paws. Key to this slow growth is avoiding high protein/high calorie foods. A raw diet consisting of chicken and veggies like broccoli and carrots, and omega-rich foods like eggs and salmon are all good options for growing puppies. Further, elevate their bowls to eliminate any potential digestive issues.

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