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Old 12-25-2006, 07:21 PM
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Default bleeding tip of tail from wagging and hitting everything

Hi, New to the forum--not new to Danes. We just got a wonderful Chrismas present--Max-a 2 year old we have known since he was a baby, from dear friends who can no longer care for him. We are thrilled and so is Max, but after 2 weeks as a house dog his tail (just the tip) has a small split which bleeds from so much wagging. He smacks the heck out of everything with his tail (very happy dog) and now our walls are splattered with blood. We have a large home with plenty of room and he also can go outside to run and play whenever he wants. The last folks he lived with also had this problem and finally moved him to the garage with an outide run. Our original Dane (who died several years ago) never had this probem.
Is this a common problem and what can we do to solve it? THis is not just a small inconvenience as our hallway looks like a scene out of a slasher movie. My husband is a DVM but we have not been able to come up with anything workable.
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bleeding tip of tail from wagging and hitting... Health And Welfare Forum kshea 5 2134 12-25-2006 07:21 PM

Old 12-25-2006, 07:37 PM
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Default RE: bleeding tip of tail from wagging and hitting everything

Hang on we have a member that is an expert on "happy tails." :P :P When Lisa/Xcel sees this she can tell you all about this problem.

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Old 12-25-2006, 07:39 PM
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Default RE: bleeding tip of tail from wagging and hitting everything

Weve not been able to show for year now because busted tail tip weve spent tons saving it.The only thing we can do is keep it tied its finaly healed after many things and I still cant untie it or he will bust it again.Happy Tail is a pain to heal.My house is ruint from it.
We had our vet make cast,splints all kinds of thing to be chewed off even with an elizabethian collar on so the tieing it up is all thats worked.Heres a site that shows how to do it and they can potty and all with it on.Casinos hasnt been on for year now.
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Old 12-27-2006, 07:09 PM
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Default RE: bleeding tip of tail from wagging and hitting everything

LOL. Been there! My boy messed his tail up big time bumping it on everything. He busted it over and over again from the last four inches of it or so. It was a mess. I could just imagine him wearing that contraption. lol He'd have that off in a half a nano-second. The only thing we could do was to bandage it, and keep neosporin on it. Just keep bandaging it. We used jonas ear tape, or poras tape. Then I had to take a cotton ball with a tiny bit of nail polish remover on it and blot the outer tape with it, so when he tried putting his mouth on it, the bitter nasty nail polish remover made him drop it and drop it quick. Bitter apple never works. All my dogs LOVE the stuff. Whoever thought up smearing apple on stuff to avoid chewing must have had a dog with little to no taste buds. lol Because I've never had a dog that didn't like apple.

You name it I've bought it. I think we've tried every non chewing concoxtion on the market and nothing worked. Nothing but nail polish remover. .79 bottle saved my whole house. We have toy dogs that like to chew on the table legs and chair supports. Little cotton ball with remover on it, rub along the chair leg or support, dries instantly, but leaves a residue. Not enough to do anything to your dog but give him a nasty taste. It's just like when you've used it on your nails and even after several hand washings, you casually put your fingertip to your mouth. Blahhhhhhh. You'll see what I mean. Works everytime. You don't put it on heavy at all. They aren't ingesting it. Just tasting the residue left behind. It takes hardly any at all. So don't make the mistake that you're literally feeding you dog nail polish remover, you're not.

My dane used to like to rip the chainlink off his exercize kennel door. He tore up two $35 doors.. until. Nail polish remover splashed and allowed to dry on the chainlink. He put his lips on it ONE last time, and that was it. That door is as flawless today as when I hung it there. And that was the only way to keep my dogs from ripping off bandages. If you can keep an area bandaged and clean that's the trick to getting it to heal.

I've recommended that to all my friends for their dog's to stop from chewing or removing bandages. My cousin's dog was in an attack and kept chewing off his leg wraps and removed two casts. She bought everything on the market for it. I went over to her house with a bottle of remover and a Q-tip to help her change the bandages. She said, 'I don't know why you're bothering, he'll have it all off in 30 seconds'. I Dipped the swab, and stroked up and down three or four times down the length of the cast, blew it dry, and said 'Now watch this.' He reached down to chew the bandages and made the most sour pussed face, shook his head, and never touched them again.
I thought we'd die laughing at that dog. His leg healed up though. His pride took a little longer.
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Old 12-28-2006, 06:39 AM
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Default RE: bleeding tip of tail from wagging and hitting everything

I know I read a great post about happy tail "disease" somewhere here. I can't remember what the poster did....was it putting boxer shorts on the dog and tucking the tail inside? Seems to me it was along those lines..Seemed like a wonderful idea to me, if your dog would actually keep the boxers on.

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Old 12-28-2006, 06:47 AM
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Default RE: bleeding tip of tail from wagging and hitting everything

After 30 years of Danes this is the only method I've found that I've had any luck with.

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