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  • Dane Day Utah

    Does anyone know when Dane Day is in Utah this year?

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    i didnt know Utah had a "Dane Day". ive never heard of that! and ive lived in ut my whole life
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      To my knowledge the family that organized the "dane day" had some family things to attend to last year and I have not heard anything about another one since. There was a Lady that was doing get togethers here for a while after that but I have not seen anything like that either.

      If anyone has the information of the family that used to do the "dane days" I would love to have their info and possibly carry on what they did.


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        I've been in and out of Utah for the last 5 years and I've not heard of this either. Found this, not sure if it related to what you are looking for:

        Let me know if you find anything.... I may attend with my Danes.

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