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Our 1st meetup was a blast!!!

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  • Our 1st meetup was a blast!!!

    Our first meetup was a total success, the turnout was amazing. We had 13 Great Danes and they had so much fun running, playing and being silly. ABQ Dogtown is sponsoring our group and is providing us with a huge fenced yard complete with shade, water, kiddie pools and a huge covered patio that is large enough for all of the dogs and people to be under if we want to get out of the sun. The dogs made quite a mess with the water from the kiddie pools and most of them needed to be hosed down before they left. All in all it was a wonderful afternoon.

    I guess you just click the picture and it will play the little movie?? (I've never done this before).

    The funniest was the biggest of them all couldn’t stay out of the kiddie pools.

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    How fun! I hope our first one is a success too.
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      that looks so great!
      the first thing I noticed was the majority of those danes have natural ears!!!
      very cool. thanks for sharing.


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        Looks like a blast!! Good for you for getting that together

        I would have said something though to the owners of the two danes in their prongs. Really bad idea to let dogs loose, playing in a prong. Just asking for a bad accident there.
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          that looked like a LOT of fun!
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            Hey Kana...SO BUMMED that I missed it! We just had too much going on...but can't wait for the future meet-ups! It's so cool to see all the Danes come together. It looks like they all had a great time!

            Honestly, I don't know of very many vets that crop in Albuquerque...maybe that has something to do with all the natural eared pups??

            Congrats on organizing a great meet up!


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              Wow, you all are so observant! I didn't even notice the prongs on any of the dogs until you mentioned it, I'll remember that the next time. And again, I never even gave it a second thought that there were only a couple of the dogs that had cropped ears. Maybe I didn't notice it because I'm just so used to Mandi's natural ears???
              What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say ~ Ralph Waldo Emmerson