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    Hello, last sunday we brought home our little brindle girl Xena when we got her home she was a bit timid towards people, dogs and noises. I asked around on here (DOL) for some advice and 1 week later we are having major improvements! She has become friendly with people and is enjoying some doggie dates. I'd love to meet up with other dane owners near me I have a 2yr old and a 8month old (humans lol) so I can't travel too far. I think it would be great for my girl to have other danes and especially social ones for her to learn from! my mom has a maltese that is a great influence on her, but the size difference makes play a little more difficult! We have another month til our doggie class begins but are eager to keep up with meeting and playing with others! Message me and let me know if you are close!
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    I'm in north fontana like 15 min about from u
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      if your willing to travel here is a group that owns mainly great danes and we meet up very often so they can play with dogs their size and things like that. we are very active and there is lots of people in this group that have owned nothing but danes most of their do lives... lol.... ill post all the links to the groups im a part of that do these meets, its the same web site but based off of different cites, the one in LA is particularly cool with this recent hike we've been doing near my home in Pasadena.... hope we can meet you and Xena!!!

      the last one is closing in may, but most of the members are a part of all 4 groups...


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        Hey all,
        I know this thread was posted forever ago, but if any of ya'll still live in the IE or LA area and still have a Dane, I would love to do a play date sometime. I live in Santa Clarita, but have lots of family and friends in Chino, Ontario, Riverside, Burbank, and LA, and plan on visiting those places frequently. Let me know!
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