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Options to protect incision?

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  • Options to protect incision?

    Hank was neutered and had a gastropexy done yesterday- and is doing well. Right now he has to wear the cone of shame- but it is so big he gets stuck and knocks things over lol.

    Does anyone have suggestions on how to cover up the gastropexy incision so he can't lick it- and to stop my other dogs from licking the incision. And maybe he won't have to wear the cone for the next 2 weeks!
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    You could try a lamb tube to keep the other dogs from licking the incision. I like the inflatable donut collar better than the cone, they just don't work for issues on the feet or tail because the dog can still reach.
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      I got this for pup when he got his ears done.. didnt bug him at all. Think i spent 25 bucks at local pet store and its washable

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        If you put a tee shirt (one of yours, that is) on him and gather the excess will that be long enough to cover the incision? I prefer the idea of the inflatable type collar over the cone too, but neither collar will help with the issue of other dogs.
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          Rhet recently got nuetered - but it was more like a spay due to undecended testicles. Take it from someone who tried to not do the cone of shame ....: do the cone of shame! and we kept him separate from the other dogs. For the first couple of nights we tried a few different methods and by the 4th night he was draining everywhere!! Apparently he was able to still reach the incision and irritated it..... Ugh! It ended up being a headache- all healed now though.

          If I could do it over again I would keep him in a cone from the beginning.


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            Cleo had a big incision after she swallowed a stuffy several years ago. I found a t-shirt worked well. Just try to gather up the extra material and tie it in a knot on her back. Good luck!