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Willow's getting spayed! (Soon) Questions!

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  • Willow's getting spayed! (Soon) Questions!

    So I made the appointment to get Willow spayed and she is getting spayed on April 12. Already I have anxiety from this! I've checked the Dane page doc about spaying and made sure I am getting a CBC, chem panel, and clotting factor done as well, as that is what the document said to do.

    I have to drop her off 730-830 that Thursday, but they told me that Willow has to stay over night. They say since the spay is more complicated than a neuter, females stay, males go home the same day. I would pick her up Friday 10-5.

    That seems like a long time! Should I be concerned about the staying over night? I really don't want her to stay over night. She has never spent a night without me.

    I didn't ask if they are a 24 hr vet (lady is calling me back with info on the clotting factor on Monday) but if they aren't, should I insist Willow be brought home with me?

    Willow and Liv

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    Unless they have someone staying IN the facility all night with the dogs, she'd be coming home with me. There is no reason a spay can't go home before closing same day. If nobody is there, then there is nobody to react to an emergency and she'd better off at home anyway. This would be a deal breaker for me. Spays go home same day all the time without issue.

    I'm sure all will go well!


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      My vet told me that depending on how Kumah was feeling by the end of the day I may or may not be able to bring her home. When I got to the vet that night after work, they told me she was doing really well. She didn't bother her incisions and was just a bit groggy. They let me take her home that night, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Like angel said, if no one is going to be there in office over night, then there's no point in staying there. She's better off coming home so you can monitor how she is doing.
      Are you getting her tacked as well, or just the spay?
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        Thanks. I didn't see why she would have to stay there. And if no one is going to be there, and she is doing good, you can't bet that she is coming with me home even if I have to smuggle her out.

        She isn't getting pexied, just spayed, which is why I believe staying the night is unnecessary as long as everything is fine.
        Willow and Liv


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          Gracie came home with us the same day and was absolutely fine.

          My sister had issues with her vet in California when she had her two Maltese pups fixed. (A male and a female). The vet insisted on keeping the female over night, stating it was policy, and actually refused to do the spay if my sister wasn't willing to leave her there until the next morning (even though the clinic wasn't staffed overnight.) I believe that she ended up switching vets because of that whole ordeal and had both pups neutered elsewhere.
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