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  • Gastroplexy?

    I am wondering how many of you are having the gastroplexy done on your danes? I am scheduled for a spay for Mona my 6 month old puppy but can't quite decide on whether or not to have that done also the same time as the spay.

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    It's actually called a "gastropexy" (no L). I've had it done on mine and recommend it, although wouldn't do it at 6 months old. We wait until 18 months. Six months would be too young for me to spay as well.
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      I did Sabre's Pexy with his Neuter when he was 9 months old. I recommend it.
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        We had to spay Ximmy per our agreement when we adopted her, but waited to pexy her until she was 16 months old. Since she is on the small side and will stay that way, Dr felt it was an appropriate time.

        Her pexy was done laproscopically so only 2 small incisions and less than 40 min under anesthesia. Dropped her off at 8am and picked her up at 1pm and drove a couple hours back home. We could have spayed her at that time had it not already been done.

        Well worth it just for the peace of mind. We live in the boonies, and the nearest e-vet is an hour away, so wanted the time the pexy would buy us in case of bloat.

        We still adhere to small meals with 45 min rest before and 1 hour or more rest after eating. I feed raw from hand, so she picks her eating height.
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          I'd recommend waiting to spay until about 8-9 months old. You want to give a giant breed just a little more maturation time than other breeds but get them spayed before the first heat cycle. I would have the gastropexy done at that time as well =)

          Dexter was pexied by the incisional method when he was neutered.
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            Ive been trying to read and figure out when i should get Molly spayed/pexy. Shes only 10 weeks lol but want to get it all figured out before last minute. 8-9 months for spay/pexy is good time for it? or should pexy wait until little older? would like to do at sametime like everyone seems to recommend.


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              We are having Ayla spayed and pexied at 8 1/2 months old.
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                whats the average price range to get pexied???


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                  Originally posted by Happy View Post
                  whats the average price range to get pexied???
                  There has been threads about price ranges on pexies before...if I remember correctly, there is a fairly wide range. Depends on the vet, method and area of the country. I paid around $400 for a Laparoscopy Assisted Gastropexy, but that seemed to be towards the low end of the range.

                  Contact the Dane club(s) in your region and get referrals for vets who do pexies and then contact them for price quotes.
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                    Because of that study on spaying and longevity, and my experience with not spaying Drizzle until later in life, I was going to wait to spay my 9 month old puppy. I changed my mind and the best price I have gotten in the Chicago area is $250 for spay and $125 for pexy when done at the same time.


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                      I know a girl in Columbus area of Ohio best price she got was 600 for plexi and nueter.


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                        I had Jadzia's pexy and spay done at 8.5 months. I would recommend it for sure.

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                          My Bronte is now 8 years young. When she was 6 months old I had the gastropexy done at the same time as her spay.

                          The only thing I would do differently now would be to wait until at least 9 months if not 18 months before alteration. She was my first puppy from a breeder. Before that I did rescue and was used to earlier spaying.

                          However - Bronte had no problems from the combined surgery - and no incidents of bloat or torsion.
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                            So this thread looks slightly old…What is the current line of thinking on getting a gastroplexy done preemptively? Also, is the logic still to do it around spay/neuter @ ~12 months?


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                              It is best to have the gastropexy done at the same time as the spay/neuter. This way the dog only has to be put under once. Spaying and neutering in giant breeds needs to be done as late as possible. I spayed/pexied Kumah and will spay/pexy Nala just shy of 2 years, and many reputable breeders either require or suggest that it be done between 12-24 months. Giant breeds need the hormones associated with the reproductive organs longer do to the length of time it takes for them to be fully mature. I think most people spay around the 10-14 month range and get the pexy done at the same time. I highly recommend having the gastropexy done, as it is the best way to protect your dog from dying of torsion due to bloat. It buys you time to get to the vet to let the gas out. Before you have the gastropexy done, you'll want to find a vet familiar with the procedure and giant breeds.
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