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Advice on when to spay?

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  • Advice on when to spay?

    Hey all, I know there are a million forums already on this topic but I havenít found any that are within the last few years or so, so just making sure everything is still the same.

    My dane puppy is 4 months old, and my vet is trying to get me to spay her between 6-8 months. From everything Iíve read from here and other online sources, this seems too young. I was hoping to spay her after her first heat (especially since Iím getting a pexy done too).

    Does anyone know of any recent research/evidence based articles I can read on the subject? Everything Iím finding is from sources that arenít very credible (my career is in research so I read evidence based research articles daily). I seem to be having trouble finding good quality studies on this subject.

    Also, her breeder told me that her females almost always go into heat at 11 months. Iím under contract to have her spayed by 18 months. That all being said, if I spay her right before her first heat (assuming itís at 11 months) how soon should that be done? For example, if I have her scheduled to be spayed at 10 months on a Monday, and she would normally go into heat a week later, would there be risks with having her be spayed close to the start of her heat cycle? I know if she does go into heat then you should wait a few months after, but is the same true BEFORE the heat cycle? I donít know if that makes sense or not!

    thanks for the help. Trying to plan this is crazy due to all the different opinions and trying to guess when sheíll go into heat.

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    It is best not to spay under 18 months of age for large/giant breeds. There is a ton of very valid research out there that shows when spay/neutered too young it causes the growth plates not to close when they should and causes them to be taller/lankier and lack the bone density they should have. Also it increases the risks of certain bone cancers, tendon tears, non genetic hip dysplasia, etc. Not a big deal if she does go in heat actually it is preferable with the giants if they do have one heat cycle.. If she does before she is spayed wait at least 3 months before you have her spayed. Don't count on your girl going in at 11 months.. many Danes don't go in until 15 months or older but be aware they can go in (and some do) anytime from 6 months to 2 years..
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      Honestly, I'd let her have one heat cycle and then spay her. She'll be a much healthier dog because if it.

      Buy some depends and cut a tail hole. A few weeks of dealing with blood drips is much easier than years of orthopedic issues or bone cancer.


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        Our Lily had her cycle at 11 months. We waited 2 months and did the spay. She did fine. We tried boys briefs with a pad, but it was a total waste, not to mention how stupid it looked. One thing we chose to do at the same time of spaying was to tack her stomach as a precaution for stomach flipping. It did cost 938.00 for both.