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Shelby's Upcoming Spay/Pexy

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  • Shelby's Upcoming Spay/Pexy

    Hi Everyone!

    Nervous wreck mommy over here (total understatement), Shelby is scheduled for her spay/pexy next week (3/30). I have read a bunch of topics and posts but still have a few questions/concerns/worries. Planning for the worst and hoping for the best.[MAPS][/MAPS]

    1) Like Willow's mom, I too am worried about how I am getting Shelby up into my SUV. Shelby is 125lbs and she's about my size lol. If she's woozy and not supposed to jump, how the heck am I safely getting her inside?

    2a) I've been reading the recovery is a couple of weeks - I work weekdays (9-5), do most people take off to monitor their baby?

    2b) This kind of piggybacks the last question... We have another dog who is turning a year old on the 29th; he's 70lbs, loves to wrestle, play and cuddle with Shelby. Neither he nor Shelby are crate dogs. While I'm at work, they both have full house privileges (thankfully they're both very well-behaved). Has anyone else been in a similar situation, how did you prevent your dogs from playing? Should I take off from work to keep an eye on them? I'm not sure how to handle this situation. As far as I'm aware, while I'm at work, they usually sleep all day but I'm not comfortable taking any chances.

    3) Is no stairs a hard and fast rule post-op? Shelby sleeps in our bed, well they both do, but she'd be devastated if she couldn't at least sleep upstairs in the bedroom. Our bedroom is only 5-6 steps up, not a full flight. Should I plan for my new bedroom be the living room couch until she's healed?

    4) Speaking of couches, since Danes are so tall, they don't really have to jump up onto a couch, it's more of a step up - is this permitted after surgery or no until healed?

    5) Has anyone had issues with their dog going potty while on the leash? Typically, I let her out in the back to do her thing so I worry she wont go while on the leash / stage fright. Our other dog won't go while on a leash, I anticipate Shelby won't be any different. Any tips/tricks/suggestions?

    6) Out back we have a deck that leads down to the yard, there are maybe 3 steps, are these okay for her to do when I bring her outside on leash?

    Deep Breaths - clearly freaking out ^^^^

    Thanks a bunch - Suggestions and tips and words of advice are warmly welcomed!


    Cooper & Shelby

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    Have a vet tech (or two) help you get her into the car. If she isn't crate trained, I would close her up in a spare bedroom or something, definitely wouldn't leave her out with the other dog.

    I wish I had been more strict about jumping and climbing up, my Lola developed a seroma after her spay and pexy. It took a month to heal, very annoying to have to ice her tummy 3 times a day and try to keep a pressure dressing on it.


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      I scheduled Kumah's spay for a Friday so that I could be home with her for over the weekend in case something happened post surgery. I was freaking out too, your definitely not the only one in that aspect. I would either purchase a crate to keep her in for the couple week recovery (this way you can use it down the road if you need too), or keep her locked away in a separate bedroom. Definitely do not leave them alone together. As far as the stairs, it is not suggested to let them go up stairs atleast for most of the recovery period. If you're worried she might sneak upstairs at night, I'd maybe camp out downstairs for atleast a few days. Keep her on leash for going potty, even if it takes 20 mins of walking back and forth do not let her off the leash. I bought a ramp for the car to make it easier to get in and out, but having a couple vet techs help would work fine. When you get home, see if someone can also help in getting her out. Or you could get something to use as a step to help her down.
      Hope all goes well for you guys next week. Sending good vibes ❤
      ~Kelsey, mom to~
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        No playing with the other dog.... if they can't be supervised they need to be separated.. Going up stairs to go to bed isn't a problem nor is going up/down steps to go out to go potty, it is continual running up and down stairs that presents the problem. Some dogs don't go potty on leash (which is why I always train mine to go potty on command) so you may need to take her out by herself to potty and once she has gone bring her right back in. No being outside with the other dog during recovery.
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          Hi everyone!

          Thank you for the well wishes and advice!!

          So, getting into the car wasn't as hard as I thought. In her zombie-like state, she got her front two paws in and we just lifted her booty up in there. She fell asleep during the 5 minute ride home and decided she didn't want to get out of the car. Also, going potty on the leash wasn't a big deal either, worried for nothing.

          We are now 5 days post-op. The first days were rough but by the second and third day (Sat & Sun) she was back to normal and wanting to play, of course not letting her. We let her relax outside in the sunshine on Sunday while we did yard work since it's been so rainy and horrible here. She's extremely obedient (I'm not sure what her previous owners did by way of training but it worked), she just laid on the deck or occasionally followed me, supervising my yard work skills. Thankfully our other pup has been amazing and surprisingly hasn't really tried to play with her at all. The first couple of days he knew she was feeling horrible and he just laid with her and gave her occasional kisses; definitely trying to compete with me for the head nurse position.

          Everyday I've checked her incision, its about 9", glued with three stitches. So far it's been dry, slightly red around the borders, nothing alarming. This morning, however, Shelby was in bed laying on her back asking for belly rubs and I felt a golf ball sized lump right in the middle of the incision/directly under the skin. The lump is pretty firm and she did not mind me pushing on it or touching it - by this time, she hasn't had her morning pain meds yet, so if it hurt, I'm sure she would have let me know. I figured it could be a few things but we have our check-up appointment this afternoon. Then we went down to the kitchen for breakfast and she laid on the couch while I was getting their food ready. I went over to pet her and noticed she was dripping what looked like water from her mouth. I thought maybe she had just drank some water but checked her water bucket and noticed there wasn't a slip and slide surrounding it so she definitely hadn't drank yet. I figured it was saliva but she's never drooled in that way before, usually it's just long sticky drool necklaces. Sure enough as I'm pondering what's going on, she stands up on the couch and starts dry heaving/wretching. After about a minute with nothing coming up because she hasn't eaten or drank yet, she laid back down. She has never done that before, so now I'm a bit worried between that and the lump.

          Then, I asked her if she wanted a cookie (aka morning medicine - pain and abx), she perked up and followed me into the kitchen and gobbled them right down. I gave her breakfast (her appetite is iffy since the surgery so it's mostly wet food mixed with some kibble) and she ate it right up. Now she's snoozing away on the couch next to me but I can hear her belly making gurgling noises.

          I'm not sure about this lump, if it's a hernia, seroma, reaction to the internal sutures, or if she popped a tack inside... has anyone else had a lump under the incision?

          Also has anyone experienced an isolated incident of dry/heaving a few days after surgery? I know it can happen post-operatively, but I figured it would be the day or two after surgery from the anesthesia, not randomly 5 days later.

          I called the vet this morning and moved her appointment up and its in about an hr and a half. I guess we will find out soon!

          Any thoughts?



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            Poor baby, sounds like it could be a seroma? Not sure about the dry heaving, the drool would maybe be a sign of nausea. Let us know what the vet says.


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              Best wishes... hope shes ok!
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                Hi again

                So... the vet was not concerned at all! He said it could be a very small seroma but couldn't even feel the lump I found (you could only feel it if she laid on her back). With respect to the heaving, he said it was likely nausea since she gets medication before bed and didn't eat or drink yet the next morning. He just advised us to give her a little food late at night around the time of her meds so she doesn't have an empty tummy. He was also shocked how well and fast her incision was healing... there are portions of it where the scab is gone and the skin is healed over.

                She seems to be feeling perfectly fine, she's even been a little bit of a crazy girl... probably getting cabin fever from not being allowed to chase her brother around the yard!

                Shelby and I thank you for your wishes and concern!