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Second cycle for a 18 month Great Dane

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  • Second cycle for a 18 month Great Dane

    Our great Dane Livy is in her second cycle she seems to be cycling every 6 months from her first cycle at just under a year old. At this rate if we wait three months after it finishes she will still be too young and neither vet will do it at her age in town. She may very well be in heat again when we go to have her fixed at 2 which means we have to wait another three months to have her fixed. What are the health dangers of getting her fixed prior to 2? do they really out weigh the health dangers of not getting her fixed, specifically mammory cancers/unwanted muttskies? Any one else have thier female fixed before 2? We live in an area though remote does have alot of mutt breed huskie sled dogs that are uncut and therefore muttskies might be our biggest issue when she has to go out to do her business. I am hoping they cant breed through the fence because of her size in comparison. and our kennel is roofed and goes to bedrock so digging under or jumping in is not an issue. This is my first female dog of any breed that didnt get fixed at 6 months so I know basically nothing about heat cycles etc....

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    If she is 18 months, I personally would spay after this heat. Do you have a contract with your breeder that specifies you have to wait until a certain age? For a female, there isn't much difference between 18 months and 24 months in terms of their growing, so if there is no restriction from your breeder, I would personally go ahead and do it.


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      If she is in heat, she should never be out of your sight. Anytime you take her outside, you need to go with her for the entire duration she is out there. As impossible as it may seem, I would not be surprised if she could get bred through the fence so it is important that you watch her at all times. You would be fine spaying 3 months after this current heat cycle is finished. That would put her at 21 months and at that point, what's the difference??
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        The breeder just said wait until she's two to fix her, I didn't sign anything saying I would wait, but she went into heat earlier than most of the breeders other bitches. One vet wants us to wait till after two, and the other doesn't want to fix her because he's hoping we will breed her to our friends male dane so he can get a pup, I am not interested in breeding at all. My brother, sent me the article on the dane that set the record at 19 pups first litter, and I cringed! I go outside with my girls, our other dog is an older fixed Karelian female but since my convo with the breeder last heat I'm paranoid over unfixed aggressive dogs. Our neighbors poodle, which was female actually got really aggressive with her last heat in our yard, and I almost got bit, thank god they moved! So far we have been lucky only a bitchy old poodle, but I am paranoid she'll end up bred, before we can fix her, how long does it take for a male dog to tie? Are they really aggressive? I'm not a breeder, I was holding hope she wouldn't go into heat till we got her fixed. Even on the farm my dad had fixed males so we only had the odd puppy as kids and all my other dogs have been fixed. I've never had to worry about unfixed animals hopefully I can convince the one vet to fix her in three months! Btw, her first heat she spotted for two weeks, how long should I have to diaper her this time if it's a typical heat cycle? I bought a box of underjams and have been tapping them on her, but will only have enough for maybe three more days in the box. She's had blood for a week. Not a lot, mostly after going outside but she still has some bleeding in the house. Any help is appreciated! Tia


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          Heat cycles usually occur every 6 months and a bitch is usually in heat for 21 days.. she needs to be supervised at least the 21 days and we usually tell clients to supervise an entire 4 weeks... I would also say to get her spayed in 3-4 months after this heat cycle is done.. she will be old enough and the couple of months difference won't make that much difference since she will be over 18 months.
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            Totally ditch that vet who won't spay your dog because he wants you to breed her so he can get a puppy. Way unprofessional, way ignorant, and way out of line.

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