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My Shark is a show off!

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  • My Shark is a show off!

    Earlier this week I took Shark to dog night at the fair in the next town over. They had a little pet show type hootus with categories for the largest, smallest, cutest, and best costume. There was another Dane there but Shark won largest, his cocker gf won cutest (because he obviously has good taste, haha) and best costume, and 2nd place costume was one I helped make- my friend's Saint dressed as Nana from Peter Pan and her (hers, as in belonging to the Saint lol) wee little dox was dressed in pink jammies with a little stuffed bear as Michael. Our giants were a big hit with the crowds at the fair, and everybody was super impressed with all their manners. The Saint, dox, and Cocker all train with Shark and I in the same obedience club, so I like to think we represented our trainer well. The only category we didn't win was smallest, because some fool had brought in an entire litter of tiny Chihuahua pups. There was a rescue event going on in conjunction with the festivities, but SO MANY of the other people were up there talking about breeding their dogs, and outside of our crew none of them had manners and most were terrified. I almost cried when I watched the owners of the other Dane get him on stage. They basically shoved him up the stairs while he stood there shaking. Shark charged up the stairs and pranced around on the stage like he was born to walk a runway though.

    Shark and I were the only ones who made the newspaper though, and his breeder was over the moon thrilled that we were there representing the purebred from a respectable breeder side of things and doing some outreach type stuff. Here's our picture from the paper. I liked it enough I purchased a print to hang up on my dog wall.

    You can't see it, but the ugly booger green towel sticking out of my pocket even has his shark logo on it.
    SC Dinnie Stone Guardian, CGC
    Eisen Shark
    C Shadows On The Sun, CGC

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    Sounds like a lot of fun! He looks very impressive in the picture, definitely a keeper!

    Peach, merle Great Dane
    Born July 7 2014
    Peach & Emily!


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      Looking like he owns the joint. How fun!!! Congrats to the shark!!


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        Wtg Shark! He looks great up there!
        Asaah ~ xxx Asaah LaLa, CGC, registered therapy dog