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Castiel, 6.5 weeks, comes to visit!

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  • Castiel, 6.5 weeks, comes to visit!

    Castiel is too young to come home, but our breeder doesn't live far away, so she drove Castiel and his mum to our place for a visit as the pups are nearly weaned and Briar, his mum, is starting to get a little sick of seven babies who are getting rather ginormous following her around trying to nurse. It was a break for Briar and an opportunity for Castiel to explore our home. He won't be coming home for permanent until February 19th.

    Here is some pictospam from his visit!

    Picked him up for a hug when he got out of the van!

    It was super cold, so we went inside where he climbed all over my partner.

    He had his first drink out of his new water dish! (Not pictured is his fascination with the cat fountain--we'll have to buy a larger fountain!)

    After playing with my cat's favourite tennis ball, Castiel laid down.

    And took a nap.

    His paws are HUGE!

    We took him to the pet shop around the corner (first leashed walk and he walked PERFECTLY with a loose lead the whole way which made me go in a good way!) to meet our favourite pet store clerk and he passed out between my partner's feet!

    We're totally in loooooove!
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    His name is even more appropriate with those gorgeous blue eyes. Lovely pics. He is so darn cute!
    ~ Lisa & Rupert


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      Did your breeder know you were taking him to the pet store?

      At 6.5 weeks, it is VERY dangerous for your puppy to be in a pet store, especially on the ground. There are far too many viruses where other dogs have been, and your pup's immune system is nil.

      I'm glad you got to visit with your puppy, but please don't be too enthusiastic with the outings. You'll have plenty of time to socialize him when he's old enough to have gotten the right shots.
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        I agree with this. If he needs to go to the store with you, he shouldn't be on the floor where other dogs have been (you should carry him). I have seen too many parvo dogs to count because of outings too soon.

        Back to topic, he's adorable! =)
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          He is sure a good looking puppy! I have to echo the concerns for taking him out too soon (before vaccines). You just can't be too careful!
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            What a great looking pup!! Looks very handsome and well cared for!!

            I know its so hard to contain your excitement.......I remember feeling the exact same way when I got my first one! I dont know how prevelant parvo is in your country, but here, especially in the south, it is super common and why it sends chills to see a pup so young in a public area.

            Good luck with your boy.........he is super cute!
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              Oh, that face!! He is so precious with his rolly-polly goodness Congrats!!


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                Very cute!

                I agree with the puppy being to young to be on the floor of such a dog-heavy public place.

                I would also love to see the mom! Do you have any pics of her visit with you?
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                  He is so sweet. I love the "nap" picture. I just want to scoop him right up.


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                    What a sweet looking boy! Glad you had a good visit!
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                      very cute puppy. my thoughts are the same on him being at the pet store before having his vaccines. i could be totally wrong about this, and i'm not trying to be rude, but i am a bit concerned about the breeder bringing such a young puppy into public, as well as him being almost completely white (due to the pattern of all white danes commonly being deaf/or blind.) i dont know too much about this, i'm not a breeder, everything i know has come from this forum, so i could be entirely wrong...i'm just a bit concerned. i know you guys will love your doggy no matter what. i hope everything goes well and you have a healthy puppy. he is obviously a total sweetheart <3

                      again, i'm not trying to be mean at all, i just feel that it would be wrong if i didn't mention these concerns.