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52 Weeks of Murphy

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  • 52 Weeks of Murphy

    as some of you might know, Murphy was part of a Flickr group this year called "52 weeks for dogs". The challenge was to take 1 photo per week of the same dog.

    This week was our final week in the project. 52/52. I am proud to say I didn't miss a week. It was a fun and challenging project...especially since Murphy would have preferred all his photos been taken at his favorite place, the beach.

    Here's a link to the project. Hope you enjoy!
    Debbie & Murphy

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    WOW! Looks like a fun project! Maybe we should do something like that here on DOL?
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      That was so great!! Thanks for sharing. I love your pictures. I need a new camera in the worst way. Maybe a goal for the near future.
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        Murphy's pictures were awesome -- you have quite a talent! And of course a gorgeous model!

        Thanks for Sharing!
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          Those pictures are so stunning.... I actually teared up when looking at a few of them. Wow wow wow. Speechless!
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            Awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing - that needs to be a weekly planner book
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              These are amazing! Thank you for sharing your project. You should be very proud of yourself (and Murphy) for sticking with it all year! I would love to do something like this.
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                I agree, amazing pics!
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                  You did a wonderful job! Some great photos!! What a fun way to stretch yourself while also capturing treasured pics of your boy.

                  The one of him balanced on that teeny stool cracked me up. What a good boy!
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                    Cool photos!!! Thanks for posting the link.
                    Dante and Louis


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                      Wow great pictures thanks for sharing.


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                        What a great project! Congrats on completing it!
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                          Awesome project and amazing subject. Beautiful dog.


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                            Cool idea! Maybe I will do that with my boys this year. Sounds fun! Your pictures are amazing. Great work. I've gotten into photography the last couple years. Hoping I can get some great pics like yours!! Thanks for sharing.


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                              Originally posted by ouesi View Post
                              Awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing - that needs to be a weekly planner book
                              I agree.
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