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  • "Seniors Moments" Contest Submissions

    Contest is completed, but I'm keeping this thread open for others to share their Senior Moments photos and stories.
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    during the 12 years my husband and i were together, every time i saw a
    dane on t.v., i would oooooh and awwwww and he would always say to me "why
    don't you just get one??" the time was never right. we both worked full
    time and led busy lives.

    fast forward to winter 2005. gary was diagnosed with kidney cancer. i
    knew it was terminal from the beginning but i encouraged him to fight, to
    get well, we had so many things we wanted to do together, not the least of
    which was growing old side-by-side.

    gary fought for almost 2 years. his last ct scan in october 2007 showed
    progression. i saw the light go out of his eyes and knew he was weary of
    fighting this disease that had ravaged his once-strong frame.

    two weeks before gary died, he came to me one day and out of the blue said
    to me "i want you to promise me, when i am gone that you will get that
    great dane you have always wanted." i poo-pooed him, told him he wasn't
    going anywhere and maybe we'd do that together.

    it was not to be. as gary failed, he mentioned it once or twice more. i
    promised him i would but i also told him he would have to help me pick it
    out. he said fine, he would see to it that i got the perfect dog.

    gary died in my arms on november 30, 2007. my grief was so intense, i
    could not imagine anything that could possibly ever make me happy again.

    the following spring, i remembered my promise to him so i sent my
    application to dane rescue in st. louis. i specifically asked for an
    adult, neutered male since a male would work better with my female corgi
    and i reeeeally didn't think i had the energy to deal with a puppy.

    months went by and just when i began to get discouraged and thought i
    would never have my dane, i got a call from rescue. they had a lovely
    senior female who had been owner surrendered due to a divorce. they
    wanted to bring her to me when they did my home visit. i hesitated, i
    wasn't sure a female would work and i thought, at 7 years old, how much
    longer could she live and am i setting myself up for even more heartache?

    i relented and arranged to meet steve and ashley at a little park a few
    miles from home so the corgi kids could get acquainted with her. on our
    way there that day, august 9, 2008, i took a detour and as i used to and
    still do when i have an important decision to make, i stopped at the
    cemetery and visited gary's grave. i told him i was really nervous about
    this and it sure would be nice if he would give me some sort of sign that
    this is the dog he wants me to have.

    we met. i shook steve's hand, took a look at ashley, not wanting to fall
    instantly in love but then, i saw this...

    do you see the heart on her butt? when i saw it, i knew this was it.
    this would be my dane, my very first dane, the dog i have waited a
    lifetime for. gary used to leave me little sticky notes all the time, he
    always drew a heart on them and signed his name. most times, it was just
    "i love you", other times, he used 2 or 3 or 4 sticky notes to let me know
    that he would be home late. i have every one of them in a little scrap

    if you look closely, ashley's marking is not only a perfectly shaped
    heart, it is a broken heart. there is a little piece of it broken off,
    floating above the rest as if some day it will float back down into place
    and make the heart whole again. just as my own heart will never be whole
    again, neither will the one on ashley's butt.

    there was no mistaking that gary sent me this girl straight from heaven.
    i have no other explanation for the broken heart on her butt. it
    symbolizes my broken heart because gary had to leave too soon and it
    symbolizes gary's broken heart because he had to leave me long before he
    was ready.

    for a while after ashley came to me, i had more bad days than good ones
    even though i know she was sent to help me plow through my grief. on one
    particularly bad day, i happened to walk into my bedroom and when i
    looked, i saw the sun shining right on ashley's heart butt. i couldn't
    help but was just another sign that gary was watching over me.

    oh and if you have any doubts, all i can say is, you would have to have
    known gary. he had 150# of lovely "canvas" on which to leave his mark but
    he chose HER BUTT!

    ashley will soon be 10 years old and if i have her another day, week,
    month, year or 5 years, every minute with her has been and continues to be
    as precious to me as anything else in my life.

    hope it's ok to do this...thought i would add a pic of my sweetie along with one of his sticky notes. this is in one of those plastic magnetic frames on my fridge. that isn't glare from the flash, that is the ever present twinkle in gary's eyes.

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      There was an ad in our local paper for an elderly dane, free to a good home. I called the lady and talked with her about the dog and why she wanted to re-home him. She said she and her husband were getting a divorce and that the dog was old - about 10. She was really upset about it (or at least seemed to be) but wasn't completely sure if she could go through with it. I gave her my name and number and asked her to PLEASE call me if she decided he was going.
      About 2 weeks later my friend Nora got a call from our local HS stating they had picked up an elderly dane running loose out by the fairgrounds. She went right away and we picked him up. Poor dog was skinny and frail. He looked really sad. She gave him the name Gabe.

      Since he was so old, Nora decided that Gabe would stay with her. He didn't deserve to have to go to yet another home, he deserved to stay with her for the rest of his days. Little did we know his days were to be short.

      Gabe was diagnosed with cancer and was PTS about 4 months after he came to us. We think his owners knew he was sick and were to cowardly to put him down themselves. He was such a sweet and gentle soul - I just wish we could have rescued him sooner.

      For the short time we had him Gabe knew nothing but love. He was comfortable until the end and died peacefully with those who loved him.
      RIP Gabe


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        The Old Couple.
        I was blessed for 11 years to lived with my two danes. They came to our family from a BYB before I knew what they were. Thor came first a big merle blockhead. He was a rock nothing brother him. Freja follows a year later to keep Thor company. She was a fearful black butterball. . Her name came from the story of Freja being Thor lover.
        She was fearful of everything. It were weeks before we could touch her. She became Thor’s dark shadow. During this time Thor would try to show her there was nothing to fear. He would walk up to the thing then “roo” at her till she would come and check it out. She soon was enjoying everything alone side Thor. Thor was her trainer. The rules was no treat till butt was on floor. Freja has a hard time learning this. Finally Thor would just put his foot on her butt to makes her sit. She learned everything from Thor. The two would do this neat handshake. Thor would gives you his paw and Freja would place her on Thor’s leg.
        For ten years the two was never apart. The two shared everything. We only has one dog bowl they would eat side by side from the same bowl. We started calling them the Old Couple due to the way Freja doted on Thor. As Thor got old Freja became his comfort .

        The day that Thor was to be free from his pain was a sunny day.Thor was age 11 years old The two spend the morning laying in the sun. This was the thing Thor enjoy the most. Freja hated laying on the ground but that day she was at his side. When we loaded Thor into the car Freja came over and kiss him goodbye. She knew he was not returning. She would go and laid in Thor’s spot daily . I think that Thor’s spirit was there by her side.

        For over a year Freja was our only dog.She was age 11 years old. Then a week before Thanksgiving, her time came. The day of her death there was a rainbow over our yard as we took her to the car. And a robin sang. This was during a cold snap. Freja knew she was being united with her best friend. She walk into the vet ready to see Thor at the bridge. She held her paw up so the vet could give her the shots. With a roo and wag of her tail she joined Thor.

        Forever together . THE OLD COUPLE.

        Sorry for any grammar errors this was the hardest thing I will every have to write.
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          My story begins.. when I was 21 I lost my HS sweetheart to a motorcycle accident. I was so young, but with him for 7 years... we had just bought a house and wanted to get a Rotty puppy and name him Rowjay...well that never happened..about 6 years later I fell in love..went to go see a greatdane puppy (BYB!!) for the first time, and got him, Rowjay a mis- marked mantle. I was so in love with my boy, he was a huge fullfillment in my broken heart and life.. our journey begins.. what a life and what a dog, I lost Rowjay just a few months before his 13th birthday..he bloated at 9 1/2 and lived.. at age 10 he started to get very weak in the rear and was totally was paralized from his waist down. (I believe he had degenative myethopy) but he was never really tested. Rowjay was not in any pain and still loved life. I sold my house to buy a new one with a master on the main floor to help him and I manover him with a sling in and out for potty breaks. He also used a cart, this gave him the freedom to walk and explore alittle..I believe accupuncture, love and home cooked meals keep this guy going. Their isnt a day that goes by I dont miss him, but I do believe he is in heaven with my first boyfriend since he never got the chance to meet Rowjay. I was so blessed to ever meet a great dane, Iam addicted to the breed... I have two now Kenyon and Vader, and a wonderful husband. Iam 37 and hoping to have kids soon!
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          sigpic.....( picture is Vader..aka Monkey!)Elisa, Kenyon,.and Vader............... RIP Big Brother Rowjay (12) and Vincen (8) gone from Earth, but not from my heart!


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            a few more of Me and Rowjay at the beach and in his cart...
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            sigpic.....( picture is Vader..aka Monkey!)Elisa, Kenyon,.and Vader............... RIP Big Brother Rowjay (12) and Vincen (8) gone from Earth, but not from my heart!


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              Zip (2000-2007) used to sit on the stairs and wait for my husband when John went out. He was such a loyal dog. Loved my husband. Loved me, too, but they all love "mommy" when it's time to eat or get comfort. He was John's shadow.

              We had always had blacks, but when Woof died, fate intervened. Woof was my heart dog. He had Lyme's disease in the days before the vaccine. The best we could do was to titer for it and try to keep it under control with phenobarb for the seizures. We had so much invested - time, money and love - in Woof, that we were totally bereft when we it was time to send him to the bridge. His seizures were almost constant and it was time; he let us know and went gently, still young. After 3 days of continually crying, we were willing when our vet mentioned that maybe we would like to foster a little Italian Greyhound over the weekend to give us something to do. We took her home and kept her. Pesta was a precious girl who needed us and we needed her. We gave ourselves a few months to learn a new breed and then decided a fawn Dane would go well with a red IG.

              The search began. We located a litter, but with no promises as the list ahead of us was long. In the end, Zip came to live with us at 8 weeks, from the last litter for a beautiful dam who had more pups than had been suspected. Thus, we were able to get one. Champions on both sides. When we get a puppy - as opposed to a rescue - we always get a limited registration pet puppy with the 3 generations pedigree from AKC. As usual, he chose us. When DH picked him up, Zip licked his face. That's the sign for DH! This is our puppy!

              Pesta was intrigued and willing to teach her little brother how to sit in the sun, stay warm by the wood stove, and get whatever you want from these easy-to-train humans. The one area where he wouldn't listen to her, though, was how to potty. He wanted to go out, resisting all her entreaties that when it's cold, you can go on the paper. Fiddlesticks, he said. He was quick to get our attention and go outside. It is our firm belief that, compared to IGs, the Danes basically train themselves. When Pesta passed, Zip was as mournful as we. We brought home our rescue girl, Abby, another IG. Zip found training her was difficult, but he persevered. After a few years, she figured out it was fun to go outside.

              Zip went everywhere with John. They were a team. Well, except for the ears. When the ears were done, Zip was not so sure he liked wearing the headdress so much. No matter how well they were wrapped, he would get the posts out. Eventually, we agreed to stop tormenting him and allow that, well, we had a Dane with elf ears. When I went to Africa the first time, arriving back in the U.S., who was in the car with DH? That's right Zip! Of course, Abby was there, too, but it was Zip who was rocking and rolling the car in excitement! We discovered DOL and Zip made friends. It was those friends, especially two (thank you Dee and Lisa), who kept me together when Zip passed.

              We have had many Danes, all of them special creatures in our long time on earth. Zip was not the oldest...Kippie lived to 13!! But he was the most elegant...a gentle old man. He exemplified loyalty. A sudden death - bloat in the night. DH fell asleep in his recliner and woke up to find him gone. At least he was here with us where he was loved. We treasure this picture of Zip, waiting for dad. Now, he waits at the bridge, with the others, all of them listed in our signature. How can we have been so lucky as to belong to so many wonderful companions? Zip will have them all sitting at attention when we go to meet them.
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              Zip (2000-2007 - waiting at the Bridge)

              Also at the Bridge: Woof, Natasha, Kippie, Black Jack, Thumper, Nigra Altair and Sean


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                All Men R In Love W Marcella CD CGC TDI (April 22, 1990 - June 4, 2002)

                Marcella was many things to many people - but most importantly, I adored her. She was my first “real” great dane…. I had been doing all breed rescue for the SPCA, and one of the dogs that came through was a great dane – I KNEW I had to have one. So, I went to a member of my local obedience club for help in finding one; lo and behold she brought a litter for me to see a few weeks later! Now, I’d only seen fawns prior to this – so when I walked past the ex-pen filled with black & white puppies with natural ears, I just thought that they were some sort of mixed breed…. Ah, well, live and learn! In retrospect, Marcella was bred by a BYB – thankfully she lived a long and healthy life. Anyhow, $450 dollars later, she came home to me – off to the vet to have her ears cropped, and I was on my way. She was a mantle before the standard allowed for them; while I did register her in Canada I never managed to get up there to show her. She did go everywhere else with me!
                She probably taught me more than I taught her; she opened the door to an entire dog show world that I was previously unaware of. We did therapy
                we did parades
                we even did a square dance demonstration for the local dane club
                She was the first giant breed of dog allowed into our local hospital as a therapy dog; she finished her AKC Companion Dog title (CD) with a High In Trial at the GDCMF Specialty in January 1992 and continued to compete in non-regular classes. She was the oldest dog entered in obedience at the 2000 National Specialty in Kansas City, Missouri and again at the 2001 National Specialty in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

                She touched the lives of all she met; a day does not go by that I don't miss her. Marcella was just over 12 years old when we sent her over the Rainbow Bridge; while her heart and mind were strong, arthritis & spinal disc problems caused her to lose her mobility. As ever, she went with dignity.
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                  Clayton Aiken of Raleigh, 11/30/2002-8/13/2010.

                  When I was 12, I got my first Great Dane. I have no pictures of him, he was only 4 weeks old when he died.
                  He was sold to us by some crappy BYB, who claimed her mother dog couldn't nurse all the puppies she had, so she was selling them at 3 weeks old. My grandparents and I thought we could raise the baby, we researched bottle feeding and ended up taking him home. I named him Sir Romeo Aiken of Raleigh.... called him Raleigh for short. He ended up coming down with pneumonia, and we lost him. It was a long and painful process, I was only a kid and I'd wanted a Dane for years. It was Christmas time and I was visiting my mom when my grandmother called me and told me we were getting a Dane puppy. Then, just as soon as I got my puppy, he was dead. It was heartbreaking.
                  (for those who are wondering, we called the "breeder" back and told her what happened, and she refused to give us another puppy... good thing though, she was a crappy person with sick puppies!)

                  Anyway, a few months later, we found another breeder. Also a BYB, but back then, nobody knew the difference. They lived a good 2 hours away, so we planned to meet them in the middle at their vet's office while the puppies got their 9 weeks shots. There were 5 puppies, and out of all of them, I picked the ugliest one. I can still remember my grandmother saying "There is no WAY I'm paying 1 grand for that ugly, crossed eyed dog..."
                  But, she did.

                  I named this one Clayton Aiken of Raleigh. Hey, I was like 13 and obsessed with Clay Aiken, who is from Raleigh, North Carolina... and I was dead set on having a Great Dane named Raleigh!

                  Raleigh taught me a lot. My grandparents would tell me, if I didn't teach him to behave, they would get rid of him. They told me that to make me work with him... I know now they'd have never given him up! He was the light in our lives.

                  Raleigh and I grew together. He slept in bed with me at night, and woke me up early for a good walk before school. We went through a TON of ups and downs, and he was a fantastic dog. Not only was he a dog, he was my best friend.
                  In October 2008, my grandmother died. She was 56 years old, and it was VERY sudden and VERY VERY unexpected. I was just finishing highschool, and I was thrown for a loop. I didn't know what to do, she had been my mother my whole life, and now she was gone. And I was forced to go live with my 'real' mom.
                  Raleigh was with me through it all... when I graduated, got my first job, had my little girl, got Kobe and my little Dachshund Penny... he was such a good boy through everything. Then, in July of last year, I got terrible news.
                  Osteosarcoma. The one word no dog owner ever wants to hear.

                  This was the last picture I took of Raleigh, you can see how swollen his little leg got. His shoulder was out of socket from all the extra weight and he stopped eating. I knew it was time. He passed away with his head in my lap on 8/13/10. I had him cremated and I've got his ashes sitting on a shelf above my bed. I miss him every day.

                  Mom to:
                  Danes Kobe and Sabre.

                  Dachshunds Penny and Otto.
                  Pit Bulls Brees and Crystal.
                  Chihuahua puppy Jersey.
                  5 year old princess Ariel.