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MAGDRL is in desperate need of foster homes

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    Originally posted by MillyVanilly View Post
    From what I can tell(website) MAGDRL is not in the Chicago area.
    That's correct. And I can't imagine that changing anytime soon.



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      oh I am in the SAME position...

      Well. we are apartment dwellers still (since we are a young military family) nd we alreay ahve two dogs so we cant take on a third. The place we live now has a brk park right outside my door and nove spends AT LEAST 3 hours a day in that park.

      On the other hand we are about to move and there is still a dog park right across the street from where I live.. because I know its importat to have that off leash time because she has lived with it her whole life. (6months lol)

      I cant wait until we can get a home and foster!
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        I live on 15 acres; iirc there is a fence around most of the property (just not leading down to the pond). Would that be an issue?

        I've been talking the possibility of us fostering over with my husband and he agrees that if they need help, then we should help if we can. I love how he has turned into a Dane enthusiast. It always makes me tear up a little to see how much he loves our Tank.

        Are there any special requirements that I might not be aware of that would affect my chance of fostering? I'm a planner, so I'd like to have my bases covered.

        If not, then I'll be submitting my foster app and hope I can help out.


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          I contacted MAGDR NY yesterday about ways I can help, and was simply given the directions for applying to foster, which I want to do, but cannot at this time (four dogs and a toddler keep me busy, I want to wait until the elderly dogs have passed and the baby is a bit older).

          And like others, I don't have a fenced yard. We are planning to do this soon but due to our outbuilding/barn and driveway locations we haven't figured out a convenient way to do it!

          Should I contact them again and reiterate my desire to help in other ways?
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