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Good site for people going thru foreclosures with pets

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  • Good site for people going thru foreclosures with pets
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    Are they looking for people to foster animals?,I would be willing to help.The economy does stink and it has affected me,but not nearly as bad as some people.



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      Not Sure Where to Post This

      Or if it should be posted on this forum, if not, feel free to delete, I won't be insulted.

      An organization was formed to help foreclosed upon homeowners with pets. This group:

      is completely NOT-FOR-PROFIT and has many different sources of help:

      • pet amenable housing lists
      • deposit help for rental housing
      • suggested help for stressed out homeowners

      I thought with all the dogs going into rescue, perhaps some are danes that would not have to be given up by their loving families if they could find a place to live with the dog and afford the downpayment, maybe this group could help. (Did that make any sense at all?)

      As I said, it the post doesn't belong here, please remove.
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        man..where was this when i needed it. (well it was here, but i wasn't)

        we had to place our first dane after the foreclosure on our home it was a hard thing to go through.
        then to top it off i gave her to what i thought at the time to be an amazing giant breed resuce! ...only to later find out that they are a puppy mill and false rescue operation instead! I still cry when I think about how I had to give up my girl and where she went.

        thanks for sharing this! hopefully any dane owners going through this tough spot can use this resource
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          Looking to adopt a female

          We cannot afford to ship a dog to us in phoenix, arizona,
          But if anyone has a young female near phoenix, I can offer her a home that is full of love, large soft beds, and her own giant crate. Oh....... And a wonderful, special needs brother. Our dogs do not live with us, we live with them.