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To crop or not to crop.. That is the question!

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    Originally posted by lisacp75 View Post
    Well, of course there could be "health problems" associated with cropping, as with any other elective (or non-elective) surgical procedure! Infection being number one. Cropping in the US, from what I understand, is likely (and thankfully) going the way of the Dodo Bird. It seems that as the "older generation" of veterinarians retire, the newer generation will increasingly say "no" to such (elective) requests. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) opposes cropping (ears) and docking (tails). They want both eliminated from breed standards.

    The only value I see in cropping any dog's ears is if they are trained for a specific task requiring heightened auditory capacity - for example, police work, service dog work, etc. I have thought that a cropped dog would be better suited to hear the wheezing sound characteristic of an asthma attack, for example. That said, why not pick a breed of dog that has naturally "pricked" ears, rather than cropping a breed that doesn't?

    I do admit I've always loved the look of cropped Danes, and other breeds. Just don't think I can justify what I might "like" cosmetically with what I know to be safer and more ethical.
    Anytime a dog is put under general anesthesia there's risk involved.