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Euro great dane crops-UPDATE

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  • Euro great dane crops-UPDATE

    It's been awhile since I posted! I acquired 3 european great danes this year, after losing my two boston (mantle) girls to bloat, and my american pit bull terrier to congestive heart failure. Vengeance and Voltage are 10 months old now and are brother and sister european harlequins. Vengeance the girl has been out of tapes now about 2 months. I had quite taping at 7 months old. I did have an issue with her one ear though at 7 months of age. It was bending down half way up the ear, so I just put a piece of tape on it in the middle for an extra month to hold it up erect. She has been tape free now for a couple of months and standing beautifully! Her brother is not so lucky. I am going to be posting some photos I took today of them all. Voltage my boy, and Vegeance's brother, was weighed at 9 months at the vet at a whopping 120lbs and 33 inches at the shoulders. YIKES. In the photos, you will see 1 ear taped. That is the ear I just decided to tape today, as it has been out of tapes for a week now with no issues and has been standing wonderfully. I am only taping it again to be safe. The other ear which is the bad ear, I took it down today, as it was bending half way down, the same as his sister, but the bases are up great. When I took it down today, low and behold, it is standing. I will let it air out, and just wanted to take the pics of this troublesome ear out of tapes to see what it looks like. Lookin' good! I think maybe a month or two more of taping. My god these Euro's are heavy leathered. I am honestly surprised my boy is standing at all. I also have read on the forums and other internet sites that full euro great danes have a hard time standing, if any at all. I guess I got lucky with my crew. But I am sure not out of the woods with Voltage yet, and Vendetta who is also full euro, could have problems when she starts teething. Just have to be diligent and careful I think.

    Vendetta my boston (mantle) girl was born on Jan 20/14 and one of the "twins" must have ripped her post out, so I wanted to snap a few pics of her one ear wonder! LOL. She is looking really good too! She was cropped at 8 weeks old and is a full euro herself. She a looker that one.

    Poison my old boy 8.5 years old is my last harlequin of my original crew. He had reconstructive surgery at 9 months old due to his dad attacking him and ripping his ears off his skull. I have pics of that, but I won't post here, it's too graphic. But the vet managed to save the ears and did the best job she could suturing them back onto the skull and reshaping, cutting alot off, but still giving him a decent crop look. I hope you all enjoy the pics. And remember, never give up on those ears! Keep on tapin'!

    If anyone wants to follow my original post on this forum from when I got my new great danes as babies. Please follow this link here. I decided to start a new post here.

    Baby Vendetta and Poison

    From left to right Baby Vendetta, Poison and Voltage

    From left to right Baby Vendetta, Poison, Voltage and his sister Vengeance

    Baby Vendetta at 4 months old

    It was a rainy day here today. All 4 danes decided to cuddle up out of the rain. So cute! I have the best crew ever!!!

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    So cute! What a great group of babies!!!

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